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In 1986 a Brisbane based business called Shopa Docket revolutionised the shopping experience. Where most saw the shopping docket as just a receipt, Shopa Docket saw a chance to help businesses reach their local community and for customers to use their receipts as cost-savings gold with coupons on the back. Fast forward thirty plus years and with the hard work of over 100 team members, the success of Shopa Docket has seen it become a household name with in-store and online coupons.

As we all know, online shopping has changed how consumers want to buy and still save money. There was a call for other ways to help you save more online, as well as in-store. So Shopa Save was born.

What is Shopa Save?

Shopa Save is an online platform offering customers real savings and transforming the reward industry through online & in-store Cashback and Pre-Paid deals. You save however you choose.


Cashback It's a win-win –be rewarded with cashback when you shop in-store. You simply sign up to Shopa Save for free, register your credit or debit card and you receive cashback straight into your Shopa Save ‘Wallet’ with every purchase you make at participating merchants in-store.

Shop online at over 1400 retailers - use ‘Your Unique Cashback Link’ to automatically receive Cashback into your Shopa Save ‘Wallet’. Once you’ve reached the minimum $15 withdrawal amount - transfer it to your bank account, put it towards a Shopa Save Pre-Paid Deal or let it add up like secret savings to use later.

Pre-Paid Deals

Purchase great Deals from restaurants, cafes, hair, beauty, health and fitness retailers, and more. Use them when it suits you - or give them as a gift! Join Shopa Save for free and browse the Deals. Once you’ve found the one you want, simply pay using your Visa, Mastercard or use the funds you’ve earned in your Shopa Save Cashback ‘Wallet’. The Pre-Paid Deal is emailed to you straightaway. Get instant savings and use it when it’s convenient for you.

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Shopa Save is part of the Shopa Group. Australia’s Most Trusted Savings Platform since 1986. Still Proudly 100% Aussie Owned.

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