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How do I earn Cashback?

You can earn Cashback in two ways - In-store and Online: To earn Cashback In-store: You simply pay at one of our participating stores with your linked Visa or Mastercard and your cashback savings will be added to your Shopa Save Wallet. To earn Cashback Online: Simply browse the offers, click on the offer you want and use ‘Your Unique Cashback Link’. You will be redirected to the partner business website to shop and you will earn Cashback on all applicable purchases made. The cashback earned will be in your Shopa Save Wallet.

How do I withdraw cash and manage my Cashback Wallet?

Cashback savings are stored in your Shopa Save Wallet. The cash earned can be withdrawn as soon as $15 savings have been accrued. Pay it directly into your bank account at any point, as a lump sum or whatever amount you choose to withdraw. You may even choose to leave it there as a means of saving for a special occasion or to use to buy Shopa Save Pre-Paid Deals.

How does Shopa Save secure my payment details?

Shopa Save uses bank-level security. We’ve partnered with financial service providers who ensure your data is hardware encrypted and inaccessible to others. Card details are not stored by Shopa Save.

How do I find businesses offering Cashback?

Businesses we partner with are updated every day on Shopa Save. If you wish to look for a particular in-store merchant or venue, click/tap on the ‘Cashback’ offer and you will see the location on a map when you scroll down. When using the app, if you have location permissions enabled, you will see the approximate distance from your current location to the store or venue.

What is the difference between Hot Offer and Everyday Cashback?

Many in-store businesses have chosen to offer introductory discounts to first-time visitors and these are noted within each listing as a ‘Hot Offer’, or the 🔥 icon. Our partner businesses then reward your loyalty by guaranteeing a level of Everyday Cashback to encourage you to return and enjoy the savings.

What bank card can I use?

You can use any Australian Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

How do I register my Visa or Mastercard details?

On the Shopa Save App? Open the Menu, click on ‘Cashback’ in the drop-down menu and click on ‘Manage Cards’ and follow the instructions. On the Shopa Save Website? Go to ‘My Profile’ and click on ‘Manage Cards’ and link your card following the instructions. You can have a maximum of 4 linked cards (2 x Visa and 2 x MasterCard’s).

How do I keep track of where I earned cashback?

On the Shopa Save App? To view the transactions that you have pending or completed click on the transaction history button (insert icon) in the quick access menu bar at the bottom. On the Shopa Save Website? To view the transactions that you have pending or completed view your transaction history in your profile.

How long does it take to receive my Cashback?

Most of your Cashback earned on in-store purchases is delivered within a few seconds of you completing your purchase. You will also receive a notification to your phone for Shopa Save App users. If you’re on the website – it will be in your transaction history. With cashback earned in-store, notifications for some transactions completed are delayed by bank processing and depend on the relationship between your individual Bank and the Merchants EFTPOS provider. Shopa Save will process your reward as soon as we receive the details of your purchase from your bank. Cashback for an online purchase will generally become available 30-120 days after your transaction. If you have booked a flight, holiday or rental vehicle through Shopa Save, it can take up to 90 days after the completion of your travel for your rewards to be approved. This time period varies from store to store and aligns with the amount of time that the store needs to confirm your purchase and to verify that you haven’t returned any items, cancelled your booking or requested a refund. If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to contact us on

Why do I need to select the “Credit” option when using a pin?

Visa and Mastercard only send Shopa Save the transaction details when you choose “Credit”. We won’t be notified of your purchase if you make a different selection. If you want to ensure you receive a reward, you need to choose the credit option when asked to enter your pin.

Can I get Cashback if I use Afterpay, Zip Pay, PayPal or alternative payment methods?

Cashback is applicable for all online Cashback offers no matter what payment method is selected at checkout. If your shopping online and use ‘Your Unique Cashback Link’ button you can use alternative payment methods (unless the Terms and Conditions of the merchant specifies otherwise). In-Store Cashback is only available when using the Credit or Debit card linked to your account, therefore Cashback is unable to be applied when alternative payment methods are used.

Pre-Paid Deals

I've found a Pre-Paid Deal I want. How do I purchase it?

Just click on the Deal you'd like to purchase, select your option and click the 'Buy Now' button. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase using the following payment methods available: Mastercard, Visa or Cashback you have earned in your Shopa Save Wallet. You'll receive a purchase confirmation on your screen and via email with directions on how to access your Pre-Paid deal. Your Pre-Paid deal will also contain the details of the service purchased, including instructions on how to redeem.

How do I know if my purchase is successful?

• If your purchase has been successful, you will immediately see a confirmation on your screen and it will appear in your Shopa Save Wallet. You will also receive a confirmation email. To find this section, sign into your account, click on 'My Wallet' and then go to the ‘Pre-Paid Deals’. If the purchase does not appear here, you may wish to check your email inbox. Check your junk mail or promotions folder if you haven’t received the email. • If you paid by card: Check your credit card statement for charges made by Shopa Save. If no charge has been applied, this means that your purchase was not successful • If you paid by ‘Available Cashback’: You will receive an email confirmation and you will have the portion of funds you have used for the Pre-Paid deal in your wallet deducted. If your Pre-Paid Deal does not appear in your account but you believe you’ve been charged please contact our Customer Service on with the following information: 1. Your name 2. The date the purchase was made 3. The name of the deal you purchased 4. The amount charged to your credit card. If payment from your ‘Available Cashback’ in My Wallet - list the amount you used 5. The last four digits on the credit card that has been charged

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and earned Cashback from your Shopa Save Wallet.

How will I get my receipt?

An email confirmation receipt will be sent to your linked email address once your purchase is confirmed as successful. This will outline the purchase, and the monies spent.

How do I use a Promo Code?

To redeem a promo code, you will need to add the code into the ‘Promo Code’ field, located below the deal details field at the checkout. Once successfully added, the discounted amount will be deducted from the total price.

Can I purchase more than one Deal in a single transaction?

No. All deals have to be made in separate transactions.

How do I purchase a Deal as a gift?

To purchase as a gift, purchase using the normal process. At the check-out in your order summary there is a “This is a Gift” section. Simply fill this out with your message and your recipient will receive the email within 10 minutes. The purchase will not show up in your deal wallet however you will receive an email confirmation with the receipt/tax invoice.

How do I access the Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions are at the bottom of the ‘Offer Details’ section of your Pre-Paid Deal. The Offer Details section includes information on what is included in your purchase, special conditions, expiry date and other helpful information like location, how to redeem and details about the offer.

How do I redeem my Shopa Save Pre-Paid Deal?

Each Deal may have different requirements for redemption. Simply check the ‘Offer Details’ section for specific instructions on how to redeem your deal. Most businesses will require bookings in advance and some will ask you to provide the QR code of your voucher your when the booking is made. Most businesses are happy to view your voucher on your smartphone via your Shopa Save App. We always recommend checking this with the venue first before your visit. We also recommend checking with the vendor when you make your booking for any extra requirements.

How do I print my Shopa Save Pre-Paid Deal?

Merchants will be happy to accept your deal shown on your smartphone Shopa Save App or Shopa Save website – if you wish to print the deal follow the points below. 1. Head to ‘My Wallet’ on our website or mobile app.

2. Click ‘Pre-Paid Deals’ and ‘View Deals’ 3. Click your ‘Pre-Paid Deal’ and print as you would any other document

Why can't I find my Pre-Paid Deal?

Log in to the Shopa Save app or website. Open ‘My Wallet’ and view ‘Pre-Paid Deals’ – your deal will be in here. Also check your email inbox for Shopa Save confirmation email. If you are still having trouble locating your deal just email: If you purchased the Pre-Paid Deal as a gift it will not be in your ‘Wallet’ – check your email for confirmation. (Also check your junk email folder). If you haven’t received an email please contact:

How do I check availability for an Pre-Paid Deal?

Check the ‘Offer Details’ on the all bookings are subject to availability. It's always best to contact the vendor ahead of time to see if a booking is available on your desired date and time. If you are unable to attain a specific date, check with the vendor to see if they have any other bookings which may suit you.

Is my Pre-Paid Deal transferable?

Pre-Paid Deals are fully transferable, unless the terms of a specific deal state otherwise. Unless you have used part of your Deal, you can give it to a friend or family member. If you have partially used your Pre-Paid Deal, you cannot give it away and must redeem it fully yourself. If a voucher has expired, it cannot be used by anyone.

What is the Pre-Paid validity period?

The validity period of the deal is the date that you must redeem the voucher by, also known as the expiry date. All vouchers must be redeemed by this date, and the vendor is not obliged to honour the voucher past this date. The expiration date is located in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section at the bottom of the ‘Offer Details’ section

Can I use a Pre-Paid Deal after it has expired?

Pre-Paid Deal redemption after the Deal has expired is done at the discretion of the business providing the service or product. In most cases, our vendors strictly adhere to the validity terms of the Deal and often are not able to extend past the validity date. It is important to book in advance to secure your chosen date and time. The expiry date of each offer is clearly stated in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ located at the bottom of the ‘Offer Details’. It is your responsibility to ensure you redeem your voucher within the specified validity period.

What is a Pre-Paid Deal QR code and where can I find it?

When you select ‘View Voucher’ in your account, you will notice a code near the top of the page, next to the QR code. You might need to quote this Voucher Code when making a booking or placing an order online.

Do I need to take my Pre-Paid Deal with me?

Most businesses will accept the Pre-Paid Deal on your smartphone Shopa Save App or website. Just check the ‘How to Redeem’ under the ‘Offer Details’.

How do I find a Pre-Paid Deal in my account?

You can find your purchased available Pre-Paid Deals and redeemed/expired deals by heading to ‘Pre-Paid Deals’ on the Shopa Save website or mobile app.

In the “Pre-Paid Deals” section you'll find options to view all of your purchases 1. Available Deals: are Pre-Paid Deals that have not been redeemed and have not reached their expiry date. 2. Redeemed Deals: are Pre-Paid Deals that have been redeemed. 3. Expired Deals: are unredeemed Pre-Paid deals that have reached their expiry date.

How can I contact the vendor/business?

The business contact information is available on your Pre-Paid deal, which is accessible in the 'My Purchased Deals’ section of your account. If you need any help contacting the vendor please contact us on:

Refunds & Exchanges

Can I get a refund on a Pre-Paid Deal?

A request for a refund must be submitted via our enquiry form. All customers requesting a refund will be required to provide a full explanation of why they are not satisfied with the quality of the goods and services of the Deal. Upon receipt of your query, we will endeavour to contact the Vendor and resolve the issue on your behalf. If your query cannot be resolved, we will provide you a remedy in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Can I exchange a Pre-Paid Deal?

Our vouchers are fully transferrable to another person so you are able to exchange them with friends or family members. At this time, we are unable to provide an exchange so please ensure you choose your Deal carefully and read the fine print before purchasing.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Just email Shopa Save customer service and one of our friendly team members will get back to you within 24 business hours at:


How do I update my profile or preferences?

To update your details just go to the ‘View Profile’ tab in the drop-down menu and click on 'My Details' to update.

Why am I unable to sign in?

Tap 'Forgot Password' to set a new password, if that doesn’t work try to sign up again. For any further questions send us a message and we will help you:

What happens if the App doesn't work properly or is always crashing?

Try clearing your App data or uninstalling and reinstalling the App. On an Andriod Phone? 1. Open your phone's Settings app. 2. Tap Apps & notifications. 3. Tap See all apps > Shopa Save > Storage. 4. Tap Clear cache. On an Apple iPhone? Delete the app and head to the App Store to re-download it.

Still unsure and need help?

Please contact our support team. We’re here to help and mostly respond within 24 hours Monday to Friday, but please allow up to 72 hours in case the team is experiencing higher than usual enquiries.

How can I partner with Shopa Save to feature my business?

We love to hear from businesses who are interested in featuring on one of our Shopa Save Pre-Paid or Cashback campaigns! Businesses are embracing Shopa Save as a powerful marketing tool to engage with new customers in a measurable and cost-effective manner. Please visit us at: to find more information on how Shopa Save works and how we can help grow your business

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